Elibyy/Zip documentation



Elibyy/Zip is an Object Oriented PHP library that makes PHP Archive handling easier

this library currently supports

which is the following extensions
  • .zip
  • .phar
  • .tar
  • .bz2
  • .gz


We rely on composer to use this library. If you do not still use composer for your project, you can start with this composer.json at the root of your project :

    "require": {
        "elibyy/zip": "1.0"

Install composer :

# Install composer
curl -s http://getcomposer.org/installer | php
# Upgrade your install
php composer.phar install

You now just have to autoload the library to use it :

require 'vendor/autoload.php';

use Elibyy\Reader;

$reader = new Reader('/path/to/file.zip');

This is a very short intro to composer. If you ever experience an issue or want to know more about composer, you will find help on their web site composer.

Basic Usage

The Zippy library is very simple and consists of a collection of adapters that take over for you the most common (de)compression operations (create, list update, extract, delete) for the chosen format.

Example usage


use Elibyy\Reader;
use Elibyy\Creator;

// extract an archive
$reader = new Reader('/path/to/file.zip');

//remove file from archive


// create an archive
$creator = new Creator('path/to/new.zip');

this library comes with a smart adapter locating by the specified file

Creates or opens one archive


use Elibyy\Reader;
use Elibyy\Creator;

$reader = new Reader('/path/to/file.zip');
$creator = new Creator('path/to/new.zip');

Define your custom adapter

currently the library doesn’t support the addition of adapters not in the namespace of the adapters Elibyy\Adapters

but you can add in that namespace directory a new class that implements Elibyy\General\Adapter or extends one of the existing Adapters

Handling Exceptions

the library throws the following exceptions \RuntimeException if the file provided to the reader doesn’t exist \RuntimeException if the adapter folder is missing \RuntimeException if no adapter found for the file provided

Report a bug

If you experience an issue, please report it in our issue tracker. Before reporting an issue, please be sure that it is not already reported by browsing open issues.


You find a bug and resolved it ? You added a feature and want to share ? You found a typo in this doc and fixed it ? Feel free to send a Pull Request on GitHub, we will be glad to merge your code.

Run tests

the Library relies on PHPUnit for unit tests. To run tests on your system, ensure you have PHPUnit installed, and, at the root of The library execute it :



this library was built by elibyy


the LICENSE is provided in the archive